the general

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Chapter 12

“Are you sure about this? About everything you told me?” asked the General as he stood at the bar pouring himself a drink. 

Queen Pilar walked over to him, grabbed his drink, took a sip handed it back to him and answered. 

“Yes unfortunately, it is all true half of the known Algeverse rejoiced at the news of your planet and people’s destruction the other half were left to mourn your people’s demise. 

“At the same time preparing for the war and chaos soon to come, but no one has searched for the truth and no one will avenge your planet’s death. Truthfully, my General, no one is strong enough.”

She ran her hand across his face and continued. “As you must know your people have been hated and feared for eons, even by many of your allies.

The General listened quietly as she continued.

“I’m sorry my General that is all the information I have at this time.”

“So my Queen do you think an enemy executed this plot? 

Is that the reason for our planet’s destruction or was it our sun’s implosion?”

She prepared another drink took a sip and passed it to him. “The implosion is highly unlikely, your scientist are some of the Algerverse best. 

They would would have known of the oncoming peril decades ago and would have responded accordingly.” 

So it was an enemy?” he asked angrily.

“Not exactly, there is no one who would dare attack your home world especially not with everyone there for your festival.

That would be suicide on a galactic scale.”

“So who then? The king of kings, his agents?” he asked uneasily.

She shook her head “From what I know he has never been concerned with your kind, in fact, l know that he respects your king and your people a great deal. 

No, if I had to make my guess this is an ancient force maybe even stronger and older than Vachool.” 

The General began removing his gloves and boots asking “Any advice?” “

“Yes, my General, after this day you and the others should leave. 

Get as far away as you can ,go find an abstract system to dominate. You must go into hiding, bide your time, become stronger as your kind does, my General. 

Because whatever destroyed your planet may one day find you and you must be ready.”

He looked her in the eyes and said “Thank you your Highness, thank you for everything you’ve done over the years.”

“It’s always been my pleasure” she smiled. 

“You do realize that after this day, it could be decades before we see each other again if ever.” he added.

“I know” she answered looking away sadly she then looked up at him and said. “Remember this my General, the Ranthopin will always be here for you and your kind as we’ve been for the last six thousand years.”

She then began to disrobe revealing her full nakedness “How much time remains before you must depart?” 

“At least 8 hours, soon my lieutenant will arrive. From here we go meet the others.”

“Oh, the young lieutenant”, she smiled “he’s very enjoyable, my sister will be pleased.”

He laughed touching her breast as his six escorts came into the room disrobing as they entered. 

The six Femmind walked to him and began to remove the rest of his armor as Queen Pilar sat nakedly on the bed. 

“What is this?” he asked as his armor being placed out of reach “I didn’t call for them I wanted only you, my Queen.”

“And of course you shall have me”, she smiled. “They are just the appetizers my General, I still remain as the main course” she smiled shyly.

“Honestly I cannot handle 8 hours with you. Your planet’s males are rumored to be sexual deity’s and I for one know the truth is even better than the legends” she smiled. 

“You almost broke me the last time we met. Weeks went by before I functioned normally.”

He smiled. “I will miss you, my Queen.” She stood from the bed as his escorts laid him down.

“We will meet again, my General, I promise you that. If not here, we will pick up where we left off in oblivion.”

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  1. So mysterious!! To think beings as powerful as these exist and enjoy mutual mundane entertainment! Then to think there is a something even more powerful that wiped out your whole world and no answers….sad.

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